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South Shore Ballet Theatre 2021-2022

SSBT 2021-2022 Uniforms


Uniforms will have a logo placed on the left hip of the dancer for all levels except Pre-Ballet and Primary A. The items listed in the "SSBT Collection" are each the correct items with the logo placement included with the item. There is nothing additional that you must do to ensure you have a logo other than select items from this uniform section.


 *Please note that belts and skirts are required for some levels this year. Each level is listed below with the uniform leotard/dress, color, and belt or skirt if applicable. Skirts and belts are listed as separate items this year, so please add all items to your cart when shopping. Belts and skirts should be chosen in the coordinating color to the leotard listed for the appropriate level. Please follow sizing charts, which are located in the images section of each item for both the leotards and the belts/skirts. 

**Please note that the leotards will be made after the orders are submitted, as the logo placement is deemed a special order. Ballet Rosa has given 3 strict deadlines for order placement during the "back-to-school" season. Ordering for the first deadline will close Monday 6/14 at 10pm EST to allow for orders to be processed and placed by Tuesday 6/15. There will be no exceptions to this deadline. If orders are placed during this first round, orders are due to ship to our store from the vendor by the last day in July, which will mean a delivery to our customers in the first weeks of August. -- Please note that the next deadline will fall on 6/30 and orders will not ship to our store from the vendor until the second week of Sept, with delivery to our customers being sometime in the second and possibly third week of Sept. We are unable to adjust any of the timelines that the vendor has set. 


Level: Dress/Leotard Name, Color (Color Code): Belt or Skirt Name (if applicable)

Pre Ballet: Sabrina, Rose (03): N/A

Primary A: Sabrina, Rose (03): N/A

Primary B: Elyane, Angel Blue (88): Cibelle Belt

Elementary: Elyane, Angel Blue (88): Cibelle Belt

Intermediate 1: Elyane, Turquoise (38): Cibelle Belt

Intermediate 2: Elyane, Turquoise (38): Cibelle Belt

1i: Elyane, Angel Blue (88): Cibelle Belt 

2i: Elyane, Turquoise (38): Cibelle Belt

3i: Elyane, Cyclamen (57): Cibelle Belt

3iB: Itzel, Viola (73): Skylar Skirt

4i: Itzel, Ruby (82): Skirt TBD- please order Skylar Skirt in "4i TBD"

5i: Itzel, Encre Bleu (77): Skylar Skirt

6i: Itzel, Marine (07): Skylar Skirt

Performing Group: Itzel, Gris (47): Skylar Skirt

Pre-Pro: Darie, Encre Bleu (77): Skylar Skirt



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