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Motionwear Leotard #2120

Motionwear Leotard #2120

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PINK 509 for Hand n' Hand, Creative Dance 1 & 2  --Boston Ballet School and Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 and Grade 1--Lexington School of Ballet

WHITE 505 for Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 --Boston Ballet School

TURQUOISE 538 for Primary  --Boston Ballet School

BUTTER 522 for Grade II--Lexington School of Ballet

CANDY PINK 539 for Grade III--Lexington School of Ballet

PERIWINKLE 524 for Grade IV --Lexington School of Ballet


XSC= 2-3 

SC= 4-6

IC= 6x-7

MC= 8-10

LC= 12-14